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Creating Great Choices

About INB.Design Studio

Between myriad of design and branding options, our goal is to find a common ground that the ideas take shape, coalesce and visualise.
INB.Design believes branding is essentially story-telling. We are specialize in visualising the story of your business that connect with your customers

Service & Process

We offer multimedia branding solutions with regard to your business’ need, from formulating an overall branding strategy to design ground work both in print and electronic. Having reviewed the general needs of our clients un achieving a successful branding, we have put together the following design packages that could effectively and efficiently help you find a matching strategy that could enhance your business’ character and unique. These packages are not only visual-abundant but also with proven success

Logo & Web Design

If you already have a business plan or a branding strategy in place, establishing a visual identity will be your next step. We specialise in developing logo and interface (user experience) design to impress upon and also expand your audience to the fullest extent.

Developing Logo
– Identifying suitable visual impact and target audience
– Creating Visuals
– Delivering final logo design
– Finalising guidelines for the use of the logo

Creative Website
– Revisit your website
– Review brand strategy
– Developing sitemap & content
– Design web layout & edit accordingly
– Testing website
– Go live

Logo Design and Brand Development

If you are in need to establish a branding strategy, we offer the following design package to explore and identify the message and story of your brand and visualise them via multi-platforms.

Developing Logo
– Identifying target audience and suitable visual impact
– Creating visuals
– Delivering final logo design
– Finalising guidelines for the use of the logo
– Add in assets to ensure your brand is visually successful

Developing Brand
– Client to answer questionnaire
– Develop Visual mood board for your brand
– Brand strategy development


Brand Collateral

It is crucial to communicate the newly furnished brand to the entire company across inits. This can be done via company newsletters, social media post and other auxiliary items of the brand, just to name a few below:

– Business Cards
– Packaging
– Brand Graphic / Illustrations
– Brochure
– Website
– Corporate Video & Animation
– Brand Consulting

Promotion & Design Retainer

Maintaining the presence of your Business in social media can be a lot of work. We could help your business create scheduled post ahead of time so that you can focus on running the business.

– In-store Graphics and Illustrations
– E-Newsletters
– Membership + Customer Database
– Media Kit
– Social Media Templates & Consulting


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